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TVBM stands for the French abbreviation “Tout Va Bien Merci”* and was launched by me (Antoine Perl) in 2014.

Originally from France, I have over 10 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience in China since I started my career in Hong Kong in 2007. But the most important is to work with talented people. I’m proud to say that I surrounded myself with skilled and experienced people from China who have a real knowledge of the requirements of the export business. 

I highly believe in people and a good friend, CEO of a big corporation, taught something that I use every day: “trust brings trust, fear brings fear”. It works with employees, suppliers, customers.
If we work with you that means we will earn your trust and you will see how buying easily from China is a game changer to focus on the remaining topics of your business.

We have a strong passion in helping people to get things done by sourcing the best products/solutions available. It’s our job to make things happen.

I love the idea that every product we manufacture will be helping someone at home. When doctors and physio therapist join our R&D team, we use their knowledge to answer real users’ needs. Being at the very beginning of the logistics chain gives us a responsibility to market useful products only.

We hope to continue our story with you.





Antoine Perl


It means "Everything Is Fine, Thank You" in French

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