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Since the establishment of TVBM in 2014, we are able to provide the proper help to our customers who are far from the production ground because we:

   Keep a close eye on every order. We follow things through. We go direct. We ask the right questions and cut to the chase.

   Care about all the details, standards and regulations. We act as the gatekeeper for clients to ensure the products follow the design and comply with relevant standards. Our products are modern, functional and discreet.

    Roll up our sleeves to get things done on the ground. We are practical people. We make over 50 trips every month to the factories to build and keep good relationships. We are connected to over 200 factories in China. We personally know the people that we source from.

   Remain very responsive to the changing demand and industry trends. We are entrepreneurial and we seek continuous improvement in the product design and manufacturing. Our products can integrate into the users’ daily life easily and conveniently.


Everytime you need us to start a new manufacturing project in China, we follow the same rigorous process and provide you with key deliverables.

Rigourous ProcesS


Photo report of factory visits for the project
Quality control

Signature of an NDA
Analysis of the project genesis
Analysis of the product specifications and drawings

 FROM A TO Z projects

ilem 2.JPG
ilem 3.JPG
ilem 4.JPG

product improvement 

When we find the factory that we need, they offer a basic product. When we finish explaining and translating in Chinese the specifications received, the product looks totally different.

We have meetings in the factory, and we test the basic requirement before sending the chair to a proper test lab.

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